The department of dentistry at HIIT GYM & MMA provides a comprehensive range of dental care services which include operative, cosmetic and prosthetic dental procedures to enhance and maintain your oral health.

Dr. Munir Ahmad

Our dental health practitioners are committed to provide the best treatment and care whilst adhering to the highest standards of infection control. The Dental Department at HIIT GYM & MMA is located on the 2nd floor and equipped with comprehensive and technologically advanced resources. The dental and maxillofacial surgeons at HIIT Dental Studio provide a full range of clinical services.
Dr. Munir Ahmad is the head of the dental department. He is a Canadian Board-certified Dentist, having 52 years’ experience in clinical dentistry. He is a 1970 dental graduate of deMontmorency College of dentistry and is holding Masters from King’s College, University of London. He is the only Dental Radiologist registered with PMC.
Dr Munir Ahmad has been practising dentistry in Canada for more than 20 years and has also practised in Qatar for 15 years in addition to his private practice in Rawalpindi for 15 years. He has given lectures and conducted workshops in various parts of the world and mentored several dentists. The Senior dentists and staff members at the clinic are all highly qualified, approved, supervised by Dr. Munir.
Dr. Munir being the Head of the department and most senior watches over all procedures and also practices at HIIT Dental Studio himself.




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